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The Stibnite Gold Project would restore an area in desperate need of repair and bring hundreds of well-paying jobs to rural Idaho. In order for these benefits to be fully recognized, we need the support of the community. Your feedback on the Stibnite Gold Project is a crucial part of the permitting process and is an essential part of earning a positive Record of Decision from the U.S. Forest Service.

Here are three easy ways you can support Midas Gold:

Commit to Comment.

Make a pledge that you will make your voice count and weigh in during the public comment period on our draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Spread the Word.

Talk to your friends, family and neighbors about the Stibnite Gold Project and the benefits it would bring to our region. Our website has lots of the information, however, if you are still not sure what to say, we are happy to come and meet with community groups. Email to get an event set up.

Join the Support Stibnite Coalition.

Stand with hundreds of Idahoans and business owners who believe the Stibnite Gold Project can restore a region in desperate need of repair, generate hundreds of jobs and help create a brighter future for our state. Join the Support Stibnite Coalition today.

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“I truly value a cleaner environment that we can leave for generations to come. Never have I seen a mining company that truly cared about our planet and those living on it.” – Dan Blanton, Support Stibnite Coalition Member

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Take the pledge to comment during the public comment period for the Stibnite Gold Project.

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