ASK MIDAS: What Makes Midas Gold a Modern Mining Company

ASK MIDAS: What Makes Midas Gold a Modern Mining Company

Midas Gold Idaho wants to keep the community informed about the work we are doing at the Stibnite Gold Project site. The “Ask Midas” blog series gives the experts in our company a chance to answer some of the community’s most frequently asked questions and help clear up any misconceptions around the project.

At Midas Gold, we consider ourselves a modern mining company but what does that actually mean? This week, I get to explain in our Ask Midas series.


We are a modern mining company because we are not just a mining company, we are a team of scientists, engineers, environmentalists and community leaders working to achieve a common objective. Together, we have designed a mining project that will not only allow us to extract gold, antimony and silver but, through the process of mining, we can help the environment, create economic opportunity and benefit Valley County and the surrounding communities. Thinking beyond mining and determining how the environment and community can work together is what makes Midas Gold a modern mining company.

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