Restore the Site

Abandoned after decades of mining, the Stibnite area needs repair. Through mining and economic investment, the Stibnite Gold Project will restore the water quality, landscape, fisheries and natural habitat of the area.

We are committed to designing a project that will leave the environment in better condition than we found it. And while we restore the site, the Stibnite Gold Project will contribute millions of dollars to the local and state economies and provide hundreds of high-paying jobs to Idahoans.

Mining & the environment can work together

Restoring the site means improving water quality by cleaning up the millions of tons of waste rock and tailings that slowly leach metals and send sediment into nearby ground and surface water. It means helping fish migrate to the upper stretches of the river for the first time in 80 years. This area will not recover on its own. With restoration as our goal, we can use mining to rewrite the site’s legacy and correct all of these problems.

Saving for the future

Planning for the future also means saving for the future.

Before mining begins, we will set aside the funds necessary to complete the environmental reclamation of the area.

The East Fork of the South Fork of the Salmon River Needs Help

Lean more about our plans to improve water quality, create new fish habitat and restore the river.

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Midas Gold and the Environment

Helping the environment starts today

By focusing on lowering our ecological footprint today, we set the foundation for the Stibnite Gold Project to go above and beyond industry standards.

materials recycled since 2013
community engagement since 2015
solar power produced since 2015
planted at Stibnite since 2011

Learn about our commitment to the environment.

View our Sustainability Report

Read our Sustainability Reports

We are committed to sustainable operations from the start. Each year, we track our work and report our efforts to lower our ecological footprint, be a meaningful member of our community and a valued economic partner.

2017 Sustainability Report

2016 Sustainability Report