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We will need hundreds of hard-working men and women to help us develop a responsible, modern mining project.

Midas Gold will need to hire employees to help with construction, operations, reclamation and closure. During operations, we anticipate we will around 500 people to join our team. Positions include management, administration, equipment operators, general laborers, mechanics, electricians, engineers, surveyors, geologists and environmental and safety specialists.

We are committed to hiring, contracting and purchasing supplies and services locally whenever possible. We will always look to Valley County first for resources and talent, before looking beyond the region.

We want to provide our employees with family wage jobs. We plan to pay our employees around $75-80,000 a year, on average. A study conducted by a national economic consulting firm shows Midas Gold’s job creation would have a significant positive impact across the region. Direct employment will provide between $48 million to $51 million in annual payroll.

Midas Gold’s commitment to hiring local means that we will support training opportunities for Idahoans throughout the life of our project by working directly with schools, community colleges and the Idaho Department of Labor.


We are looking to the future.

Through our work with the Stibnite Advisory Council, we want to better understand what a potential workforce for the Stibnite Gold Project could look like and what possible community needs may arise.


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