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A Purpose Driven Company

Midas Gold says it is a different kind of mining company, but what does that mean? Historically, mining companies have been seen as profit driven and everything else – including the environment, worker safety and communities – was an afterthought.  We take a different approach.  We believe it is time for mining companies to be purpose […]

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Snow Cones with Midas Gold

If you’re going to be in McCall over Labor Day Weekend, stop by Legacy Park (1120 E. Lake St., McCall) on Saturday and come say hi to the Midas Gold team and enjoy a snow cone on us. We want to thank you for your ongoing support and answer any questions you have about our […]

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How the Stibnite Mining District Shortened WWII

During World War II, while many U.S. citizens were sent to Europe and Asia to complete their military service, some were sent to the hills outside of Yellow Pine, Idaho. To continue fighting the war against the Axis Powers, the U.S. desperately needed critical metals such as antimony and tungsten and one of the few […]

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