Monthly Archives: March, 2014

Why we plant Lodgepole Pine trees

Someone recently asked us why we plant Lodgepole Pine at the site instead of Ponderosa Pine. Here is the exact question: “Why would you plant Lodgepole Pine instead of Ponderosa Pine? Lodgepole Pine require fire to regenerate as their cones only open at 120°, and Ponderosa cones open when they dry out at room temperature.”  […]

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Snow Slides around Yellow Pine Idaho

At Midas Gold, our employees wear many hats and jump in to fill a variety of roles for our company. But recently, a few members of our team took on jobs they probably never anticipated when they quickly worked to help clear the Stibnite Road after a series of avalanches. On March 6, the team […]

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2013 Sustainability Report

  Midas Gold has released our second annual Sustainability Report providing an update on our progress in 2013. The report assesses our activity in five key areas – Safety & Health, Conservation Management, Energy & Waste Management, Community and Economic Sustainability. Midas Gold values communication and collaboration with our stakeholders. We hope you find the […]

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