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Midas Gold Idaho wants to keep the community informed about the work we are doing at the Stibnite Gold Project site. The “Ask Midas” blog series gives the experts in our company a chance to answer some of the community’s most frequently asked questions and help clear up any misconceptions around the project.

As CEO and President of Midas Gold Idaho, I hear a lot of different questions in the community about the work we are doing. This week, I want to address a question I was asked around acid rock drainage.

Is acid rock drainage a concern at Stibnite?

This is not a concern for our project site. The Stibnite area has been mined off and on for over 100 years. Throughout that time, acid rock drainage (also known as acid mine drainage) has never occurred at the site. Acid rock drainage is a naturally occurring process of sulphide minerals oxidizing, combining with water and creating acid.

In fact, after years of study, our team found that the substantial majority of the rocks we will mine have no potential for generating acid. However, in our plan any rocks that have even the slightest possibility of creating the reaction will be carefully managed and stored in order to neutralize any potential reaction.

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