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Midas Gold Office Hours

Do you have questions about Midas Gold and our Stibnite Gold Project? Lucky for you, we’ve got answers! To help provide the community with more information on our project, our team of experts is hosting monthly office hours in Donnelly to give you the opportunity to come visit with us, ask us questions and learn […]

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Release: Midas Gold Continues to Advance Solutions to Address Pre-existing Contamination in the Stibnite Mining District

Midas Gold Corp. understands that the Nez Perce Tribe has followed on from its Notice of Intent to sue (as reported by Midas Gold on June 6, 2019) by filing suit in federal court on essentially the same matters as discussed in the June 6, 2019 release. Midas Gold will vigorously defend the unwarranted and […]

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Have you ever wondering what the historical Stibnite Mining District looks like today? Now is the perfect opportunity to join us on a tour, learn about the region’s rich history and see the site for yourself. We have several summer tour dates available on a first come, first serve basis. Guests on our tours will […]

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Digging up Misinformation: Fact from Fiction on the Stibnite Gold Project

For the last decade, Midas Gold Idaho has worked hard to establish ourselves as resource ready to address legacy problems that are degrading water quality and habitat in the historic Stibnite Mining District. Our project design will protect the land and river for generations to come. Our proposed Stibnite Gold Project is specifically designed to […]

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Our Phased Approach to Restoration

The Stibnite Mining District has a long history of mining, spanning more than a century. For most of the time the site was in operation, regulatory and environmental laws were limited and expectations around reclamation were very different than they are today.  That, combined with the critical mining for the war effort at Stibnite, has […]

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Release: Midas Gold’s Plan to Address Previous Water Contamination in Stibnite Mining District

Midas Gold has been advised the Nez Perce Tribe intends to initiate legal action against the company and its subsidiaries over water quality impacts related to historical mining activity undertaken prior to Midas Gold’s involvement in the site. Water quality in the historical Stibnite Mining District has been impacted by more than a century of […]

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Statement on Nez Perce Tribe’s Notice of Intent to Sue

Below is a statement from Midas Gold Idaho CEO, Laurel Sayer, in reaction to the Nez Perce Tribe’s notice of intent to sue: We have long shared the Nez Perce Tribe’s concerns over water quality in the Stibnite Mining District and we are aware of the site’s historically degraded water quality. Filing a lawsuit will […]

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UPDATE: June 11, 2019 The Valley County Road Superintendent received the final permit needed from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to start work on the last section of the washed-out road late last week. By Tuesday morning, Stibnite Road was once again passable with vehicles. This is the first time this has happened since […]

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Why Midas Gold Supports Boise GreenBike

Midas Gold is a proud sponsor of a Boise GreenBike hub in Camel’s Back Park. We’ve sponsored the hub for the last two years because we believe in promoting actions each one of us can take to help the planet, like riding a bike instead of driving. Additionally, we want to help our community understand […]

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